Video Work

Isolated 2020

Still form Video work depicting my experience of self-isolation and lockdown.

The video begins in a space of memories; of friends, places and events, slightly fuzzy but bright, while over the top play layered sounds of work, leisure and everyday life. After a time, all the brightness and loudness of life stops and for a short time there is flickering and silence. What follows is a darker and more confined space of faded, even fuzzier memories where the sounds of life are muted and replaced by a routine that repeats like a clock, ticking the passing of time, although what time it is, is not clear. The video ends with repeated ticking as the world grows even dimmer and darker but brightness returns, life come back into focus and as the video repeats and begins again, so life begins to restart.

The Armless Scientist 2020

The Armless Scientist sets up an experiment to find out which of the 6 items he found will conduct electricity! Have a guess before each test and then keep watching! You may be surprised! Video of an unseen person conducting various conductivity experiments. As the video progresses small errors and the use of materials that really should work asking the viewer to question the validity of what they are seeing

Scientist AKA Dr Thraxaplaxis (fictional character, imagined inventions, real/fictional, narrative) 2007

Installation displaying devices, request forms and a video interview. Narrative: An inventor has been hired to help students who could request devices to be made, that might be useful to them in their day-to-day lives. The items didn’t really work that well, didn’t work at all or were cheaply made. The inventor comes off as egotistical, believing himself to be more capable than what the poorly made devices on display evidence. The devices were displayed along with a video “interview” containing a meeting with the inventor and of the students receiving them. Questions: Was the inventor a real person hired to help students or was all made up? All the evidence is there – in the interview the inventor is in a room made out to look like a workshop, the devices and request forms are on display. Are parts real and other fictional?