Useful links

This page has links to sites and tutorials I have found useful and inspiring to my builds. Hopefully they are helpful and inspiring to you too.


Maker sites

Volpin Props  – Prop maker, also sells blueprints, tutorial books and kits

Punished Props – Prop and video tutorial maker, also sells tutorial books on making props from foam, books and blueprints.

Kaumi Cosplay – Prop and cosplay maker, specializes in using Worbla and foam. Sells tutorial books and blueprints.

Awe me – A Youtube channel featuring several builders, including Blacksmiths, prop making and cosplay.



RPF (Replica Prop Forum) – Forum to post builds, ask questions and get inspired.

Tested – Site which shows off new technology, prop, costumes and special effects, Also has a forum covering various subjects.

Project Nerd – Games, movies, cosplay and props.Has some tutorial builds.



Inkscape – Free program used for creating blueprints.

123d design – Free basic 3D modeling program

Cura – Free software for preparing your 3d prints, some 3d printers may use customised versions.