Tools and materials

This page contains a list of the Tools and materials I use. My workshop is a converted shed which has been insulated and a power point added. Four metal work benches were added to 2 of the sides. EVA foam mats have been placed on the floor which are no slip and easy to clean. There are other tool brands and material manufactures out there, these are the one’s I have brought:

Power Tools Materials
Clarke CS4-6D Disc and belt sander  MDF
Clarke CWL325V min wood lathe  Foamex – foamed PVC
Silverline 441563 19″ bandsaw  EVA foam floor mats
Silverline 262212 drill press  Balsa wood
Dremmel Motosaw  Aluminium
 Dremmel multi tool with flexi-shaft  Styrene plastic (plastic card)
 FERM SSM1005 Scroll Saw  Sculpy – Ploymer clay
wanhao duplicator i3 plus 3d Printer