Sculpture and installation

Self Isolated 2020

Mixed media sculpture

Sculpture of a head resting on palm of hand with concerned/thinking expression. Brain with memories of friends, family and favourite places, distorted and faded. Wire wrapped around representing thoughts flying around head. Rests on a ‘work desk’ – has a digital display which displays question marks rather than time – losing track as days blend into one during lockdown.

Painted Pots 2011

Acrylic paint and paint tins

Site specific work created as part of the Making Art History scheme and displayed at Wightwick Manor in Wolverhampton. Inspired by the creature tiles of William De Morgan, I placed the creatures onto paint pots. These ‘painted pots’ aim to link the arts and crafts side of Wightwick with the past ownership of a paint factory by the owners of Wightwick Manor, the Mander Family.

The no help desk 2007

Mixed media installation

A clearly marked help desk sits at the entrance to an art exhibition. It consists of three tables arranged in a U shape and has one chair placed inside the U and one on the outside. A coat hangs on the back of one chair, a cup of half drunk tea sits on the inner side, while leaflets are scattered around the tables and a sign directs people to sit and wait for someone to come along and help. No one does. Galleries have help desks, but do exhibitions? Why do the leaflets have no relevance to the exhibition, art, the local area? The work asks the viewers to look closer, to question the elements that are wrong – is this really what it seems to be? Is it a piece of art work?

Workshop 2006

Mixed media installation

The workshop is set in a space that is, while fairly big is pitch black except for a single dim light that struggles to illuminate the cluttered desk in the corner of the room. Enigmatic devices lay among a jumble of parts and tools. It aims to depict a character who has fallen to a now limited, focused and claustrophobic world of creating devices that most likely only work in their own head.