Project updates

December 1

So last week I had an accident while working on the Sunlight Straight sword :,( Even when covered in worbla, the thin balsa wood still proved to be too fragile and snapped where the blade met the guard. It happened when I was waving it around to test it’s strength. Although a bit annoying after the all the work on the blade, it’s better that I found out here that it hadn’t worked, rather than when I had finished. It may not a total loss however and I plan on removing the worbla and then giving it a coat of fiberglass, before re-covering it.

However I got side tracked…….

During my weekday evenings, I have been modeling a few different things including Thor’s swords from Thor Ragnarok, which are going to be completely printed. Rather than sort out my other sword this weekend, I began sanding down the parts I had so far.

Must try finishing one thing thing I’m working on before moving onto another.



November 2

Work on Mjolnir is almost complete with the pommel now painted and the strap made. Going to glue them together latter when the varnish has finished drying . Final images and build write up to follow in the next few days.

Between sanding/filling and painting the pommel, I began work on the sword for my Solaire costume. Originally I was using a statue for reference which had the Astora Straight Sword. After looking for some images to work from, I found out that Solaire’s sword is actually the Sunlight Straight Sword. Well this one is a lot easier 🙂


The core of the sword is 5mm balsa wood which I shaped with files and nail files. This is now being covered with worbla to give it a nice hard coating.


November update


Work is continuing on Mjolnir and I have now made it to the painting stage. Rather than brush paint on the head I’m sponging on the paint which is giving a really nice metal effect. The rings on the grip have been painted with some liquid silver paint.

I wasn’t happy with the pommel and re- printed it. It’s now sanded and just needs painting. Before gluing it on I need to create a paper template and cut out some faux leather for the handle.

Finally I’ll use the same leather to make a strap and attach it to the pommel.

When this is done I plan to work on the sword and scabbard for my Solaire costume.

October update 3

I have made quiet a lot of progress on Mjolnir this week; everything is now printed out and the hammer head constructed. There is a little bit of sanding and filling of the head to do, along with attaching the grip rings and finishing off the pommel. Next up – painting.


October update 2

Work continues on my two projects; my costume and Thor’s hammer/s.

One of my chainmail chausses has been completed and the second is about 3/4 done. I now just need 6 hundred to complete them so I’ve ordered these last few. I want to give the scabbard a go so this may be next, but I also have to weather the tabbard.

While working on my foam Mjolnir, after consideration, I wasn’t happy with my foam crafting skills so I decided to go back to the plastic hammer (although I might go back to it later and try to tidy it up). I also spent some time working on my 3d modeling skills and though I still can’t do the bevels, I did do the pommel, top cap, grip rings and detailed side panels. I printed one out to see how it looked and was really pleased with it after minimal clean up (5 mins), so rather than cast it I printed the rest. This now a a 3d/foam PVC prop, hopefully using 3D parts should help keep the weight down.. Just need to make the panels into the hammer heads with some additional plastic, attach everything and I should be close to finishing……….




October update 1 Hammer(s) time

? Not sure what happened to last weeks update….. Any way onto October :-/

First up is some work on my costume and I have finally painted the sun on the front of the tabard. It turned out well and the fabrics paints are really nice and bright. I also finished sewing it all together, so it just needs some rips on the bottom followed by some weathering.


Secondly, following the completion of my Space Engineers rifle I have begun a new prop weapon following a request: Mjolnir. This is intended to go with a costume and so I gave it some thought on what to make it from – wood, plastic, foam, 3D print or a mix. My 1st thought was printing one: this would be light weight but sturdy. Sadly, despite how easy I thought it looked, I was having some difficulty with modeling parts of it – mainly the bevels on the ends. Mmm need to practice a bit more. While I do that, I decided to give plastic a go. This one is feeling really sturdy and weighty, but would someone want to carry it around? May be not. Perhaps a foam one would be better………………..

May be I’ll end up with three 🙂

September update 3

This week I have begun sewing the tabard for my costume, next is painting the sun on the front.  More rings arrived and I have been preparing them by opening some and closing the others. Had to slow down abit though as my wrists were aching :-/

Finally I have almost finished my  latest prop weapon. Had to seek some advice from fellow members of the Facebook Proptarts about doing some text on it. Just have to choose a method now and finish it off.