Project updates

March 1

I don’t really have much to show this weekend, as it has mostly been spent sanding/filling the sword. Though I did model and print some D-rings for my scabbard, attach them and begin coating it with gesso. Plus my Sonic Screwdriver is almost finished and I’ll try and post a image up soon.


February 3

I didn’t post last weekend as I had hurt my foot at the end of week and had to rest it for a few days. While I wasn’t able to do any work on my projects for a few days, it was my holiday, so I had the rest of the week. Due to this I wasn’t able to complete the sword and mask as planned, but I did move them closer to completion. This post will be a little longer than normal to cover all the projects I worked on during my week off.




I continued to sand the plasti paste coating down until I was happy with it. What I wasn’t aware of was that this product contains LOTS of tiny fibres. When I had a close look, the blade looked as though it had a day or two growth of  stubble :-/  Never mind, this was to give it some more strength. To combat this I gave it around 8 coats of Gesso paint over a few days. When these were fully dry I sanded this down as smooth as I could, before giving it more coats. Following a few more rounds of this it should be nice and smooth and ready to paint.

Between coats, I worked on three other projects: the mask, Sonic Screwdriver and a scabbard for the sword.


After doing some research on how  they are made and finding an in-game reference image, I constructed mine from some spare balsa. As with the sword this was given a covering of worbla. Since it is a nice sturdy box it won’t need anything over this. When I have worked out the belt attachment points I’ll cover it in Gesso and then paint it.


Sonic Screwdriver

I wasn’t happy with the way the previous one was going and re-designed the parts so they could be printed whole/slot together. This would mean that the parts wouldn’t move as I originally wanted, but I was okay with that. The prints turned out really well and after less sanding than I thought they would need, I glued it together. All the parts are sprayed and I’m hand painting a few details before I weather it.



The mask was also sanded but I wasn’t happy with one of the eye sockets. Putty was sculpted onto this to make it more symmetrical as well to some thin areas on the back. It will need some more work and sanding before I’m totally happy with it.

Finally,: remember to look where you’re going and don’t accidentally kick metal gates while moving boxes.

February 2

This week I took a good step closer to actually finishing another project. During the week I added more silicone to the mould of the Darth Nihilus mask and today I managed to cast a copy in resin 🙂



This is the first slush cast I’ve tried, though I did use Smooth Cast 300 resin which is probably not the best for doing this. Even so, I am happy with the result. There is a little bit of sanding needed despite my attempts at  smoothing the clay, as well as a little bit of filling. When this has been done, I may re-cast the finished mask and do a few copies.

While things were drying I also did some more work on my Sunlight Straight sword sanding/filing and filling gaps. Although the Plasti Paste coating works well, it is an effort to file because it keeps gumming up them up. If I make another sword this way I think I will use something else.

I have a weeklong holiday coming up soon, and I’m setting my-self the target of finishing both the mask and sword. Both are getting close and this should be an achievable goal.

February 1 (or covering stuff)



As the tile suggests, this weekend I has mostly been spent covering things I have made with various chemicals.  Earlier in the week I ordered a Smooth On brush-on- mould making kit. This box contains silicone, resin, plasti paste II, resin thickener and mould release. I managed to pick one up at a reduced price, but even at full price one of these is a real bargain on buying everything separately.

20180204_152530Sunlight Straight sword

Last week I planned to cover the sword in resin to give a hard, smooth finish. When I got the pasti paste I began to wonder if that might work and decided to experiment. Since the container has more in than I would need to make a mould casing for the mask, I mixed some up and covered my sword in it. When this dried it sanded really well; although it does gunk up sandpaper and files. I’d recommend just using files initially and cleaning them to save on sandpaper. The sword has now been given a second coat ready for next week.




Darth Nihilus Mask

Now the silicone had arrived I began making the mould on my mask. I didn’t manage to finish it this weekend, but will add more layers over the next few days. This may then be ready for casting next week.

Other projects

I didn’t have time to mould the sword grip for the Thor sword this week and may leave this until the mask and other sword are finished first. I may also attach the blade to it and cast it all in one go.

My second prop hammer has now been painted.

It is great to see these projects getting a few steps nearer to completion.

January 4

Most of this weekend has been spent working on the new sunlight Straigtsword I started last week. Following on from it’s resin coat, yesterday I added a layer of fibreglass. These two layers and the worla covering today have made it pretty sturdy, while maintaining some flex. With the whole sword now covered, I’m going to spend some time tidying edges before working on getting it smooth. While it didn’t work for smoothing last time, I’m going to go with a different resin on this sword – XTC 3D. This is normally used for smoothing 3D prints and I’m interest to see how it works on flat surfaces.



The grips/hilts of the Thor Sword are now ready for casting. I plan to order some silicone to cast it along with some different stuff to do the mask next week.

The new foam hammer is nearly ready and I’m just waiting for a layer of paint to dry before I finish it off.

Finally, I have been taking part in a month long art challenge and wanted to share a drawing I did. The challenge for the day was to draw yourself as an animal. This is me as a fox in a rare moment of lounging around.


January 3

Worked on a few things again this week moving my projects closer to being finished. No photos of any progress, but hopefully I will have something to show next week.


Although I managed to complete and smooth the mask, the silicone I have at the moment isn’t suitable for brush on moulds. Going to order some new stuff in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.


Brought some black metal paint and started covering the shield in paint. Needs a few coats more coats before I’m happy with it. Should be finished by the end of next week.


Found a method of getting a good cast even on small parts, is by rubbing talc on the mould. I gave this a try and got two  great copies! On to sanding and painting these before gluing all the parts together.


Finished sewing the tabbard and now this just needs weathering. Also started work on a new Sunlight Straightsword. This will be made in the same way except I have given it a few coats of resin. This has worked to strengthen the wood before I cover it in worbla next week.


Finished filling in the gaps and will sand them, hopefully ready for casting next week.


Been printing a few others things this week and still need to reprint the sonic screwdriver parts.




January 2

This week I continued to work on a few different projects:



It was still cold out and even though everything jumped around when I was hammering, I chose to finish constructing my shield inside. Turns out my work benches are pretty resilient : /

Everything was checked for sharp edges and sanded smooth. I then cut out a grip and panel details for the front. All the parts were joined together using aluminium rivets and much hammering. I think I got the hang of peening rivets by the end – there’s a bit more technique involved than simply hitting them hard.

Rather than leave this one with a base metal finish, I plan to colour the main body black and leave the panels and boss polished silver.

Thor Swords

Slowly getting closer to casting these. Just want to make sure they are perfect before doing so. Still ignoring that urge to just do it and It can be tempting to just ignore small dents and blemishes, but these will show when cast.



I Started adding the central details to my Darth Nihilus mask. Just two more parts to add then I’ll begin making sure everything is symmetrical and then smooth it over.


Annoyingly, it still does not fit well together. I did some further sanding on the interior of  to no effect. May just re-check the model and print these to parts again 😦


Random hammer that I did while waiting for things to dry. Might put this on my store when done.