This was a pretty quick and straight forward project that was inspired by an image of a mummy head I saw in a book on Egypt.

It started out with a cheap styrofoam head which I carved with a sharp knife to get a basic face shape. When I was happy I sculpted over it with 2 part epoxy putty. During the sculpting process I left any fingerprints and other marks that added to the look of the skin.

The teeth were made from Sculpey and baked, before being pressed into the putty and a lip sculpted over them. Over the top I did a coat of PVA mixed with a bit of sand. Again I left any marks from the brush that added to the skin texture. It was then left for a day to cure/dry out.

The wrappings were cut from linen and then soaked them in a mix of water, paint and a brown ink normally used for adding rust to scale models. There was a bit of experimentation needed before I got close to the colour in the image.

The face was paint with brown, black and white acrylics, while I used a dark sand colour on the teeth. When dry, I then began building the wrappings using small dabs of superglue to hold it down and making sure to get them as tight as possible. When I was happy I applied some dark brown and orange weathering powders to the wrappings and face. The whole thing was then sealed with matt varnish which helped secure the powder and blend the paint job together. It also had the unintended side effect of bring out the texture and frayed edges of the fabric.