This was started at the beginning of August 2016 but got a little forgotten about… It’s now complete and below is the full build.

In May 2016 Man at Arms Reforged (a team of Blacksmith’s who feature on the AWE Me You Tube Channel – here) made a version of Fury’s Song from COD Black Ops 3.

I don’t play the game but really liked the design of the sword and I knew I had to have a go at making my own. I had tried mdf on my Thunderfury build and wanted something a bit more lightweight. I decided to have ago at making it from 0.8mm foamex which should be light and pretty strong when layered. I also want the center section to light up and do the outer layer of the grip in Worbla which I had never used before .

fury song blueprint small

I started out creating a blueprint using reference images I had collected and based the scale of the sword on having a two handed grip in my hands. The blueprint was then cut up to create templates. This blueprint is available from my Etsy store if you would like to try out the build for yourself.



I began the blade part of the build by tracing around the template onto two pieces of 0.8mm foamex. I added a tang to the end of the sword which the grip would slide over. The two halves were then roughly cut out using my bandsaw.

Before attaching the two sides together with superglue I cut a channel on both inner sides using my Dremmel. I lay a rod into this to give even more strength and to prevent bending. I then went back to back to the scroll and band saw to cut out the final shape. The holes in the blade were drilled and then cut out using the scroll saw. Channels were cut out on one side of the blade; one down the center of the tang and one around the circle. These would later hold wiring and LED’s. Although these would later be covered with the grip and wing plates, I filled over them to create a flat surface. Lastly I used tracing paper to copy the text from the blue print and onto the blade. I then carved the letters out using a small milling bit on my Dremmel.

Bevels created using a rasp and file

For the disk behind the blade (not sure what it is called) I simply cut out two disks; one 5mm and the other 1cm. After gluing I lathed the larger disk to shape.



I created the grip from five layers and leaving it hollow so it would slide over the tang, and also to hold the battery pack. One side was left unglued so I could set up the wiring. It was shaped, as the blade bevels were with a rasp and files. After the wires had be added the whole thing was glued together. I measured out and used some needle files to create the groves along the length and then sanded everything down. Finally I spent a lot of time playing with paper templates which I would then transfer to Worbla and create the outer layer of the grip. I found this pretty hard and it took around 2-3 attempts to get it right.


The pommel was made to be removable to allow access to the battery pack and was created in the same way as the grip. I added magnets on the sides and bottom to hold it in place.



Side wings

To create two identical side wings, two pieces of foamex were held together with double sided tape and then cut out and sanded.


Both the same 🙂
Adding the details around on the wings






Next I did the same thing with the details for the wings. Really I should have  molded and cast one of them as some became dissimilar when being sanded.  Which is what I did when I made the inner rings. These were then popped snuggly into the center holes.


Before fully assembling the sword I spayed the wings black and sword blade silver making sure to cover the LEDs. After coming back to when it was dry I changed my mind and sprayed the blade dark brown. The parts were then glued together. A mistake I made here was not to join the wings with the strip on the top; I had sprayed this separately, but this meant I had to fill in a gap and sand/spray. I also had to mask of the disk behind the blade because this would be silver. This time I did use the silver spray to give it a bright silver finish.

I built up the colour on the blade by drybrushing different silvers along with  bronze. Drybrushing was also used to do grey highlights on any black sections. The disk was simply painted blue. When doing a final of LEDs I found only one of them now worked 😥 Not sure what happen as they were fine after assembly and spraying, I checked the wiring and batteries but nothing worked. It was a shame but there was nothing I could do .  Otherwise I am happy with the way it turned out.