Fallout AER9 laser rifle


Near the end of last year I made the foam destiny hand cannon using templates from Punished Props, and now wanted to try out some different materials. Having played Fallout4 recently, I fancied making a weapon from the game and I found that Volpin props had done a Laser rifle build and blueprints a few years back.

20160218_164745As my first mdf/foamex prop build I’m really happy with how it turned out and although there a few errors, I learned a lot about using new materials, tools and techniques; hopefully I can avoid some of the errors in my next projects. Having the blueprints and build photos helped a lot, although I made a few deviations due to mistakes :/

I found getting a straight cut edge (band saw helped here) and precision were my main issues as was centering parts to lathe.

The trigger mechanism does work, but it would have be better to make the sliding part from thin aluminium sheet rather than styrene sheet. It would be nice to try lighting next time as well….


The build time was around 60- 70 hours, over 3 weeks.





Aluminium rod

Acrylic rod

Aluminium sheet

Styrene sheet

Aluminium washers


My hand cannon


Volpin Props Laser rifle