This page showcases the masks I have sculpted and cast

Human skull mask

The front is textured and painted to look like aged bone, while the back is flat black.

Corinth/Spartan mask fragment resin replica

This mask was inspired by a terracotta mask fragment of Corinth/Spartan origin 700 – 501 BC on display in the Ashmolean museum Oxford UK. It is intended for display or use as a prop, but could be adapted to be worn. It was sculpted in clay to have a hand made feel with finger/tool marks, along with damage texturing, before being moulded and then cast in resin.

Cat mask

Noh mask (old man)

During a visit to a Natural History museum last year, I was inspired by the collection of Japanese Noh theatre masks I saw and wanted to try to create my own masks in the same style. This one, inspired by old man masks, features three expressions: scared looking forward, anger when the mask is tilted down and worry when tilted up. This variation has hair, mustache and a short beard that have been inserted and glued into holes in the mask.

Darth Nihilus mask

I originally created the mask as a gift for a friend who is a massive Star Wars fan and who received the first cast. It went down well with them and some other friends, so I decided to cast up a few more.