This page contains a selection of costumes

Chainmail hauberk


This was created over a period of 3 years using the pattern that can be found here (NOTE – For some reason the diagrams have been removed). I used aluminium rings with a 8.5mm inner diameter and 1.63mm wire in 4 -1 pattern of butted mail . Unlike T-shirt style patterns it features a yolk which allows the weave on the sleeves to follow that of the main body, giving more freedom of movement. Although I chose the design because I liked it.

Chainmail Coif


The coif was constructed using the same aluminium rings as the hauberk. I can’t credit the original pattern article I used as it seems to have vanished, but this one is similar.


Plague doctor mask and hat


This was the original starting point for my costume. To see how the final costume developed, please follow this link. The hat was made from leatherette, while the mask was made from aluminium and riveted together.

Elliot (Mr Robot)


A quiet easy costume, simply a black hoody, jeans, converse shoes and a backpack from Amazon.