Dying to do something new

This weekend saw the start of a new project; this time it is new costume. This does not mean I am abandoning my Soliare costume; this is (hopefully) just a quick project I aim to get done in about a month. I will then continue with my other projects, such as the large sculpture I began, the sword which is still printing and moulding the mask with the silicone I brought.

The character is Nox the Time Wizard from a French anime called Wakfu. He is basically a mummy with a few pieces of armour with some light up parts. He does use a sword sometimes but I plan on only doing the costume at this point.

It will consist of 3 main parts:

  1. An under suit with bandages. This will be made from jogging bottoms, a long sleeve t-shirt, white gloves and a balaclava with linen bandages sew on. This also includes some old trainers I will also cover in bandages.
  2.  A helmet, chest plate and greaves made from foam (and possibly worbla) with working lights. These will Velcro to the under suit.
  3. A central ‘belt’ from which hang two fabric ‘skirts’ and a loin cloth. This will velcro to the undersuit.

I began the project by gathering two A4 pages of reference images and then working out anything extra I would need. Searching online I got quite a few bargains, managing to find the parts for the under suit, linen, Velcro, Led’s and coloured acrylic for less than £50 ($67).

Everything arrived ready for the weekend, which was spent cutting up linen for bandages, testing dyes and then staining the bandages. I also created the loin cloth, sewed the under suit together and started work on the ‘belt’ that would support the loin cloth and skirts. It’s off to a pretty good start.

Finished up

I finally finished the mask this weekend and I’m now happy that it as symmetrical and smooth as I can make it. Next up is to order another batch of silicone to recast it and make a few copies.

I also got close to finishing my scabbard, which only needs a little more sanding and filling before painting.

Lastly some of my time was taken up with an issue with one of my 3D printers when it got blocked. This occurred just above the nozzle in a gap that I was unable to reach and pull out. Due to this I attempted to drill out the plastic with a small bit This seemed okay at first but I must have drilled to far and the end of the nozzle cracked. I have now had to order a new one to replace it. I can then get back to using both printers to produce my sword.


Sand and fill

I was away at the end of this week and only managed a bit of making.

I began by assembling the parts of my sword I had printed so far including the pommel and grip (not in picture). Any parts that hadn’t been sanded were done and the gaps were filled. I did the same with the scabbard, which hopefully I should be able to finish next weekend. Having sanded and sprayed the mask, I noticed a one last issue – the right eye socket was slightly off. This was fixed with some 2 part putty, when this has been sanded it should be done.


The week of making

This week has been a holiday for me and I have spent a good amount of it being creative and working on various projects.

At the end of last week and the beginning of this one I finished modeling a sword I

At the beginning of the year I doodled some sword designs in a sketch book. It think there were about 8 or 9 in total. I wanted to make one of them but couldn’t decide which to do and so asked my friends which I should make. Below is the one that was most popular, now referred to as sword 8.

Sword 8

Rather than Balsawood and worbla I chose to go with 3D printing. At the end of last week and the start of this one I modeled the design and broke it down into parts. I also add a space inside the sword to slot in a 4mm/1metre rod for added strength. With the design finished I have begun printing off the parts and sanding them between working on my other projects.

Getting distracted by a new project idea seems to be one of the problems I’m encountering a lot recently. An example of this is when I watched a video from Punished Props which came out on Monday. This video is a tutorial on how to make a foam skull from Sea of Thieves, which has a downloadable template available. Well I couldn’t miss this chance to try something different and ended up making one. Mine didn’t turn out quite right, but I had lots of fun making it, plus I finished it and can carry on with other things. The video is below if you want to try your own.

Work is almost done on the Sith mask having done all but a bit of the filling/sculpting. It just needs a bit of sanding and it should be ready for casting again.



I began this weekend working on my sword and scabbard, doing some further sanding and filling. Annoyingly the temperature dropped and it snowed again. This wouldn’t normally be a problem but I used some filler that is best sanded outdoors. Maybe I can finish it next week.

I did get around to completing my Sonic Screwdriver, tidying up the paint job including using some liquid silver leaf on the tip. I then gave most of it a coat of varnish. Hopefully my friend will like it.


I also worked on and finished another sculpture over this week. I was inspired to do this one after watching an episode on the Drawfee You Tube Channel.  This can be watched below if you are interested.

Lastly after having some difficulty finding some belts I liked for my Soliare costume, I decided to try and make my own. These are going to be made from some faux leather, glued and stitched/riveted together.


March 1

I don’t really have much to show this weekend, as it has mostly been spent sanding/filling the sword. Though I did model and print some D-rings for my scabbard, attach them and begin coating it with gesso. Plus my Sonic Screwdriver is almost finished and I’ll try and post a image up soon.


February 3

I didn’t post last weekend as I had hurt my foot at the end of week and had to rest it for a few days. While I wasn’t able to do any work on my projects for a few days, it was my holiday, so I had the rest of the week. Due to this I wasn’t able to complete the sword and mask as planned, but I did move them closer to completion. This post will be a little longer than normal to cover all the projects I worked on during my week off.




I continued to sand the plasti paste coating down until I was happy with it. What I wasn’t aware of was that this product contains LOTS of tiny fibres. When I had a close look, the blade looked as though it had a day or two growth of  stubble :-/  Never mind, this was to give it some more strength. To combat this I gave it around 8 coats of Gesso paint over a few days. When these were fully dry I sanded this down as smooth as I could, before giving it more coats. Following a few more rounds of this it should be nice and smooth and ready to paint.

Between coats, I worked on three other projects: the mask, Sonic Screwdriver and a scabbard for the sword.


After doing some research on how  they are made and finding an in-game reference image, I constructed mine from some spare balsa. As with the sword this was given a covering of worbla. Since it is a nice sturdy box it won’t need anything over this. When I have worked out the belt attachment points I’ll cover it in Gesso and then paint it.


Sonic Screwdriver

I wasn’t happy with the way the previous one was going and re-designed the parts so they could be printed whole/slot together. This would mean that the parts wouldn’t move as I originally wanted, but I was okay with that. The prints turned out really well and after less sanding than I thought they would need, I glued it together. All the parts are sprayed and I’m hand painting a few details before I weather it.



The mask was also sanded but I wasn’t happy with one of the eye sockets. Putty was sculpted onto this to make it more symmetrical as well to some thin areas on the back. It will need some more work and sanding before I’m totally happy with it.

Finally,: remember to look where you’re going and don’t accidentally kick metal gates while moving boxes.