I have enjoyed being creative a far back as I can remember and have completed art courses at school, college and hold a BA degree in Fine Art (Sculpture and Drawing).

My focus has shifted over the years from drawing and building with Lego when I was younger, through to sculpture, installations where I setup spaces, objects and props to tell a story to the work I am doing now. I have also done some set building work for a theatre company.One thing has remained the same; I have always enjoyed making things, whether it be models, Lego, sculptures.

My interests are stories (Books, TV, films, games), science fiction, fantasy and the worlds and characters in them. Also objects, spaces or art works that tell a story. Inspiration has come work of the artist Mike Nelson  as well as film sets and the props that go into them which help make them believable; details. This can be seen in my past art works where I created a space of an inventor including the objects, tools and inventions to tell a story.

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Installation – Inventors workshop

No help desk
Installation – Help desk

        Making TV, movie and game props is something I have only recently begun doing and I have been inspired by the props of Volpin Props and Punished Props. I am enjoying creating these objects/props from these fantasy and Sci-fi worlds and bringing them to life – being able to recreate something on screen in 3 dimensions and hold it.