Although I’d been working on things over the past few weeks, I had begun to feel a little aimless when it came to future projects. So, during the week, I began putting down some ideas in a new sketch book and watching some other makers on You Tube. This really helped and by Saturday, I had quite a few ideas planned and was raring to go.

First though, I would work towards finishing projects I had started.

I began by painting my spaceship made from scrap plastic. The original idea to colour it dark bronze went out of the window, when I found that somehow the spray can had rusted. Well not the whole can, just the seal.

Paint job 2 involved coating it with chrome followed by a wash of brown ink. When dry, I used my finger to rub the ink of any raised edges. The front window and engines were then picked out in black. While it didn’t turn out how I had it in my head, I was still happy with the result.

After coming to a dead-end on the second axe head, I spent some time researching and doodling some designs. The final one I chose was a simple L shaped knot and a Celtic knot. After transferring the design to the axe, I used my Dremel to remove some resin. I then went onto using needle files to tidy and crisp up the design. It is looking great, but is going to need a bit more work before it’s done.

The final thing I did was a test mould of one of the intricate panels from Mjolnir. This was a test to see how well silicone would pick up the details, and I was impressed how well it worked.

Next week I plan to:

  • continue work on the axe head and if it warms up, do the handle
  • if some resin arrives do a test cast on the mold
  • cast some cat masks.