October Mix

So far in October I have been working on a mix of different things. It began with a character sculpt.

With Dust and Elysian Tail recently coming out on the Switch I began playing the game again and realised I hadn’t done a Dust character sculpt for quite some time. Thinking on which character to do, I decided to do another Fidget – this time by herself. For the sculpt I choose my favorite pose from screenshots I had taken in game and planned out the model. This time I had a play with the proportions which are different from the art work, and I am happy with the way she turned out. Although I deviated from the art for the sculpting I tried to emulate it with the painting, brushing on shadows, highlights and black cartoon outlines.

New fidget sides

I have also been working on creating my own version of Mjolnir based on historical pendants. I have the shape but am having difficulty with the rest of the design. For the moment I have come to a bit of a block on this and have put it to one side.



Since I stopped working on the hammer design and couldn’t decide on what other prop weapon I might want to make, I chose to start on something a bit different: parts of a gen 1 Synth from Fallout 4. So far using many screen shots I am beginning to plan and put together an arm. This will mostly be made from styrene plastic, foam PVC and 3D printed parts. When this is done I aim to do the head and neck, then may be even the rest of the body.