I need a doctor

While I haven’t posted for a while, I have been keeping busy working on a few different projects. These include making some variations on my old man Noh mask, drawing a few more plans for my store, a sculpture and trying to finish off some old prop weapons. The main thing I have been working on is getting a costume ready to wear for a con in November…..


I have, for the moment, put the Nox costume that I started earlier this year on hold in favor of finishing one that is a little easier. About two years ago I planned out a Plague Doctor character that took inspiration partly from medieval plague doctors and partly from Eileen the Crow from Bloodborne. I made a faux leather hat, trench coat and aluminium mask (though this proved to be uncomfortable to wear). This was forgotten about in favor of making prop weapons and then later, by my Solaire costume and then the Nox costume.

I choose this to come back to this one for two reasons:

  1. It only needed a few extra parts that could be fairly quickly put together
  2. Most of the costume could be worn on the train to the venue, while anything else could be put in pouches and bags that are part of the outfit

The extra parts included:

  • A new mask – one in faux leather would be more comfortable
  • Gloves – in faux leather – don’t want to touch nasty ill people
  • A doctors bag – to carry my mask, cowl and other items
  • Boots – I had some old battered ones that would work perfectly
  • Plague doctor staff or necklace with winged hourglass icon – or an excuse to try cold casting.
  • Cowl – made from faux brown leather to keep my head fully covered
  • Belt/s and pouches to hold things while I walk around, like my phone, money etc
  • Old black jeans – fit well with the overall outfit
  • Weathering for everything – to look dirty from walking in muddy streets and helping plague victims
  • There maybe some other things that I come up with that fit in with the design

As can be seen in the below images, the costume is coming together nicely and is now more or less done. When it is, I plan on doing a full write up of the whole thing giving information on how each part was made.