I haven’t posted for a while as most of June has been spent working on my new costume and moulding/casting and painting up a set of Darth Nihilus masks.

With the modified first mask ready, I created a new mould and tried my hand at slush casting using Smooth-On 300 resin. This is the first time have I tried this and used far too much resin on the first attempt. Taking a moment, I worked out how much resin to use, but still had a few problems due to the eye-holes and the shape of the mask. Eventually I got the hang of it and cast up four good copies which I have sanded and started painting. These will be painted in the original white/red and silver and I plan to put these up on my Etsy store when they are done.  White mask

Between doing these casts I painted the mask from the original mould for myself. Rather than the white, I went for a different look, using silver as the base with red markings and black down the centre. Although it wasn’t intentional, when done it reminded me of the colouring of Phasma’s armour from The Force Awakens.


Work is still slowing progressing on my costume. I have managed to speed up the process a little by stuffing the under suit; this makes sewing the bandages on much faster, though it is still a time-consuming process.

I will put up a blog post and on my Facebook page when the masks are ready to go on my store page.