I began this weekend working on my sword and scabbard, doing some further sanding and filling. Annoyingly the temperature dropped and it snowed again. This wouldn’t normally be a problem but I used some filler that is best sanded outdoors. Maybe I can finish it next week.

I did get around to completing my Sonic Screwdriver, tidying up the paint job including using some liquid silver leaf on the tip. I then gave most of it a coat of varnish. Hopefully my friend will like it.


I also worked on and finished another sculpture over this week. I was inspired to do this one after watching an episode on the Drawfee You Tube Channel.  This can be watched below if you are interested.

Lastly after having some difficulty finding some belts I liked for my Soliare costume, I decided to try and make my own. These are going to be made from some faux leather, glued and stitched/riveted together.