February 2

This week I took a good step closer to actually finishing another project. During the week I added more silicone to the mould of the Darth Nihilus mask and today I managed to cast a copy in resin 🙂



This is the first slush cast I’ve tried, though I did use Smooth Cast 300 resin which is probably not the best for doing this. Even so, I am happy with the result. There is a little bit of sanding needed despite my attempts at  smoothing the clay, as well as a little bit of filling. When this has been done, I may re-cast the finished mask and do a few copies.

While things were drying I also did some more work on my Sunlight Straight sword sanding/filing and filling gaps. Although the Plasti Paste coating works well, it is an effort to file because it keeps gumming up them up. If I make another sword this way I think I will use something else.

I have a weeklong holiday coming up soon, and I’m setting my-self the target of finishing both the mask and sword. Both are getting close and this should be an achievable goal.