February 1 (or covering stuff)



As the tile suggests, this weekend I has mostly been spent covering things I have made with various chemicals.  Earlier in the week I ordered a Smooth On brush-on- mould making kit. This box contains silicone, resin, plasti paste II, resin thickener and mould release. I managed to pick one up at a reduced price, but even at full price one of these is a real bargain on buying everything separately.

20180204_152530Sunlight Straight sword

Last week I planned to cover the sword in resin to give a hard, smooth finish. When I got the pasti paste I began to wonder if that might work and decided to experiment. Since the container has more in than I would need to make a mould casing for the mask, I mixed some up and covered my sword in it. When this dried it sanded really well; although it does gunk up sandpaper and files. I’d recommend just using files initially and cleaning them to save on sandpaper. The sword has now been given a second coat ready for next week.




Darth Nihilus Mask

Now the silicone had arrived I began making the mould on my mask. I didn’t manage to finish it this weekend, but will add more layers over the next few days. This may then be ready for casting next week.

Other projects

I didn’t have time to mould the sword grip for the Thor sword this week and may leave this until the mask and other sword are finished first. I may also attach the blade to it and cast it all in one go.

My second prop hammer has now been painted.

It is great to see these projects getting a few steps nearer to completion.