January 4

Most of this weekend has been spent working on the new sunlight Straigtsword I started last week. Following on from it’s resin coat, yesterday I added a layer of fibreglass. These two layers and the worla covering today have made it pretty sturdy, while maintaining some flex. With the whole sword now covered, I’m going to spend some time tidying edges before working on getting it smooth. While it didn’t work for smoothing last time, I’m going to go with a different resin on this sword – XTC 3D. This is normally used for smoothing 3D prints and I’m interest to see how it works on flat surfaces.



The grips/hilts of the Thor Sword are now ready for casting. I plan to order some silicone to cast it along with some different stuff to do the mask next week.

The new foam hammer is nearly ready and I’m just waiting for a layer of paint to dry before I finish it off.

Finally, I have been taking part in a month long art challenge and wanted to share a drawing I did. The challenge for the day was to draw yourself as an animal. This is me as a fox in a rare moment of lounging around.