January 3

Worked on a few things again this week moving my projects closer to being finished. No photos of any progress, but hopefully I will have something to show next week.


Although I managed to complete and smooth the mask, the silicone I have at the moment isn’t suitable for brush on moulds. Going to order some new stuff in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.


Brought some black metal paint and started covering the shield in paint. Needs a few coats more coats before I’m happy with it. Should be finished by the end of next week.


Found a method of getting a good cast even on small parts, is by rubbing talc on the mould. I gave this a try and got two  great copies! On to sanding and painting these before gluing all the parts together.


Finished sewing the tabbard and now this just needs weathering. Also started work on a new Sunlight Straightsword. This will be made in the same way except I have given it a few coats of resin. This has worked to strengthen the wood before I cover it in worbla next week.


Finished filling in the gaps and will sand them, hopefully ready for casting next week.


Been printing a few others things this week and still need to reprint the sonic screwdriver parts.




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