January 2

This week I continued to work on a few different projects:



It was still cold out and even though everything jumped around when I was hammering, I chose to finish constructing my shield inside. Turns out my work benches are pretty resilient : /

Everything was checked for sharp edges and sanded smooth. I then cut out a grip and panel details for the front. All the parts were joined together using aluminium rivets and much hammering. I think I got the hang of peening rivets by the end – there’s a bit more technique involved than simply hitting them hard.

Rather than leave this one with a base metal finish, I plan to colour the main body black and leave the panels and boss polished silver.

Thor Swords

Slowly getting closer to casting these. Just want to make sure they are perfect before doing so. Still ignoring that urge to just do it and It can be tempting to just ignore small dents and blemishes, but these will show when cast.



I Started adding the central details to my Darth Nihilus mask. Just two more parts to add then I’ll begin making sure everything is symmetrical and then smooth it over.


Annoyingly, it still does not fit well together. I did some further sanding on the interior of  to no effect. May just re-check the model and print these to parts again 😦


Random hammer that I did while waiting for things to dry. Might put this on my store when done.

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