January 1

So it was going quite well, I finished the sea creature sculpture and did more sanding on the sonic screwdriver. 20180102_201137This has mainly been on the inside, as despite modeling it to do so, I’ve been having a little trouble with getting the neck to rise/lower smoothly. This may require a bit more work.


I also did a little more sanding on the Thor sword grips, and they are now one step closer to casting. I was doing so well.

Unfortunately I noticed a challenge to make a shield in the Punished Props group I am part of… and a soon as I saw it I started designing some in my sketchbook. 20180106_124612After settling on a design similar to the one I build in 2016 I began work on it yesterday. Since my workshop isn’t really equipped to do metal work, I worked outside and manged to get most of it done. I may have been able to complete it, but it’s a little cold at the moment, so I didn’t want to stay out long.

When I came back in I started another project as a gift for a friend: the mask of Darth Nihilus from star wars: knights of the old republic 2. This is being sculpted in Chavant clay on top of a polystyrene head. When ready, I plan to cast/ paint it.



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