Year 2 (2017) Review

To build upon a post I did last year, this post will serve as a way to reflect on the progress I have made and to plan for the year ahead. It can be useful to give yourself some achievable goals to aim for, even if it is strayed from.

I’m going to start by looking back at last years aims and then set some further goals.

1. Develop my 3d modeling skills. At the start of 2017 my modeling skills were pretty much limited to simple objects. As the year progressed, I feel my skill level increased along with the use of printed parts. While I am now able to create some quite detailed parts and whole props, I still use the simple program 123D design. Although I did attempt to use the more advanced Fusion 360 I kind of gave up for the easier program. I have also learned about which way to position object to get the best print.

Future goal: It would be good to try to explore Fusion 360 again.

Sonic 3D

2. Develop my casting skills. Previously I’ve had limited casting experience. In 2017, following the recreation of a sculpture, I attempted to make a kit and created some single and two part moulds. I learned the importance of seam and pour/air hole placement and after solving these, I managed to cast nearly all the sculpture successfully. The last part which has some small thin parts has had problems with air bubbles. I would like to solve this and finish off the copies.

Future goal: Successfully cast the final part and try casting a whole prop.

3. Props. I had 5 project ideas for 2017. These were: Thor’s Hammer, Fallout Fatman, WH 40k Bolt pistol, Borderlands Railgun and Fallout laser musket. Well I started the first three and finished 2 of them with the Fatman taking many months and a little longer than I expected. The bolt pistol I attempted to 3D print, which failed and kind of got left behind. I may try to do this again as a future project. I still want to do the Borderlands Railgun and would like to go all out on this with sounds and moving parts which will take some planning. Considering the size of the Fatman I am happy with the 5 props I completed, along with other projects. I am mostly happy with the way Mjolnir turned out and think it is one of the best things I have made, in terms of construction, details and painting.


Future goal: Finish off some props I began at the end of the year

Finally, a few other things I did this year were making my workshop more comfortable with insulation/heating and setting up a small Etsy store selling blueprints.


So I ended last year with quite a lot of projects unfinished. Before starting anything new I would like to complete the following:

  1. Research the issue and successfully cast the final part of my sculpture. Then  assemble and paint.
  2. Finish the two Thor swords I modeled and printed. Perhaps I could attempt a large cast on one of them.
  3. Finish the Sonic Screwdriver I made as a present for a friend.
  4. Soliare costume: Re-do the Sunlight straight sword and scabbard. Finish the tabbard, source some belts and work on the shin guards and cuffs. Would be nice to wear this to one of the three cons this year.
  5. Finish painting the sea creature sculpture I made.
  6. Finish sculpting the Dishonored 2 Overseer mask I started and cast.

While this should keep me busy for a while I have a few things I would like to also do this year:

  1.  Props – make a second Mjolnir. The Borderlands railgun.
  2. Try to sell things that I make rather than fill the house full of props. ——
  3. Design my own props and/or create things that aren’t from other’s properties. I enjoyed making the foam hammer. ———
  4. Sculpt more stuff.


Have a Happy New Year and may it be creative and productive 🙂