December 2

So, I still haven’t gotten around to fixing/finishing my Sunlight Straight sword, but there has been progress on one of my Thor swords.

With all the the parts printed out and given some initial sanding the grip and blade have been glued together. These are now going through a process of filling and sanding until there are no visible joins. I’m happy with the strength of the blade after it’s been glued together, despite it only being 6mm thick. I would like to test a few different joint types though to see which might be the strongest. Since this one is turning out so well  I have begun printing out the second.


In addition to this I recently created a scupture after seeing in a strange looking vegetable while shopping, called a Celeriac. This inspired a strange sea creature with crab legs and tentacles. The main part is done and I am now adding some details like barnacles and sea weed.