December 1

So last week I had an accident while working on the Sunlight Straight sword :,( Even when covered in worbla, the thin balsa wood still proved to be too fragile and snapped where the blade met the guard. It happened when I was waving it around to test it’s strength. Although a bit annoying after the all the work on the blade, it’s better that I found out here that it hadn’t worked, rather than when I had finished. It may not a total loss however and I plan on removing the worbla and then giving it a coat of fiberglass, before re-covering it.

However I got side tracked…….

During my weekday evenings, I have been modeling a few different things including Thor’s swords from Thor Ragnarok, which are going to be completely printed. Rather than sort out my other sword this weekend, I began sanding down the parts I had so far.

Must try finishing one thing thing I’m working on before moving onto another.