October update 2

Work continues on my two projects; my costume and Thor’s hammer/s.

One of my chainmail chausses has been completed and the second is about 3/4 done. I now just need 6 hundred to complete them so I’ve ordered these last few. I want to give the scabbard a go so this may be next, but I also have to weather the tabbard.

While working on my foam Mjolnir, after consideration, I wasn’t happy with my foam crafting skills so I decided to go back to the plastic hammer (although I might go back to it later and try to tidy it up). I also spent some time working on my 3d modeling skills and though I still can’t do the bevels, I did do the pommel, top cap, grip rings and detailed side panels. I printed one out to see how it looked and was really pleased with it after minimal clean up (5 mins), so rather than cast it I printed the rest. This now a a 3d/foam PVC prop, hopefully using 3D parts should help keep the weight down.. Just need to make the panels into the hammer heads with some additional plastic, attach everything and I should be close to finishing……….