October update 1 Hammer(s) time

? Not sure what happened to last weeks update….. Any way onto October :-/

First up is some work on my costume and I have finally painted the sun on the front of the tabard. It turned out well and the fabrics paints are really nice and bright. I also finished sewing it all together, so it just needs some rips on the bottom followed by some weathering.


Secondly, following the completion of my Space Engineers rifle I have begun a new prop weapon following a request: Mjolnir. This is intended to go with a costume and so I gave it some thought on what to make it from – wood, plastic, foam, 3D print or a mix. My 1st thought was printing one: this would be light weight but sturdy. Sadly, despite how easy I thought it looked, I was having some difficulty with modeling parts of it – mainly the bevels on the ends. Mmm need to practice a bit more. While I do that, I decided to give plastic a go. This one is feeling really sturdy and weighty, but would someone want to carry it around? May be not. Perhaps a foam one would be better………………..

May be I’ll end up with three 🙂