Mould progress and shop

Having been ill recently I haven’t progressed much with my projects 😦 But I have managed to have a little play with the moulding and casting of my sculpture. At the moment I’m still learning where the best places are to put seems along with pour and air holes.

20170814_153810.jpg                  20170814_153817.jpg

The sword came out well after adding a few extra pour and air holes. The cape almost came out well but needs some mould modifications. I’m learning alot about this process and hopefully the last few moulds will turn out perfect copys first time.

Finally, I have taken some time tidying and checking the blueprints I created for reference when building props. If your interested in having a look, some of these are now available on my etsy store here. When I am happy with the quailty of my kit, it will aslo be avaible from the store.


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