Must make all the things

I still have quiet a few project on the go at the moment. The first I will talk about is my ostrich sculpture.

Work has progressed on my monster/ostrich sculpture. While I had an image in my head of what this would look like, I was open to changing the design as I worked. The body and legs were sculpted to depict musculature using both ostrich and dinosaur reference images. I left off the wings and also decided against adding arms. I liked the very smooth, simple, enigmatic mask and kept it. This was painted pure white as if it were white glazed ceramic. The feet; human feet had a little more detail (toe nails), but are smooth and were also given a white finish. Additionally the ankles of the feet were sculpted as if broken stone or pottery.

The muscles were painted  with a dark red and then dry brushed with a brighter shade. This was then painted over with a wash of red ink. Next using the reference images again, I’m going add varying shades of red. The base may be finished with black.


I have also started the moulding process on my kit and have made my first two part mould. It has been interesting to experiment with which way to have the seems and where the pour holes should go. My first few cast will show if I have been successful .


Next up is my Solaire costume and I have begun work on a pair of chainmail chausses. These will be the  most time consuming part of the costume and are being made of pre-cut aluminium rings.

Finally I have finished the blueprints for my next prop project. More information when I have begun work on it.

I’ve got plenty of things to be getting on with for now and more stuff planned for the future.

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