Year 1

The completion of my Longclaw and Firefly builds signal the end of my projects for this year. It is amazing to think that this time last year all I had was a beltsander and I couldn’t have dreamed of making the props I have done. It has certainty been an enjoyable first year making replica props and I have learned a lot and still have more to learn. I intend to continue to make more next year and hope to develop my 3d modeling and casting skills.

I already have a list of projects to start next year off with:

  1. Thor’s hammer
  2. Fallout 4 Fatman and mini nuke
  3. Space marine boltpistol
  4. Boarderlands pre-sequel railgun I drew up plans for but didn’t get around to.
  5. Fallout laser musket or gauss rifle.


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