Helmets, masks, coats and 3D prints

Project work has slowed, but but I’m working on several of them:

  1. Helmet

20160925_162342.jpg 20160925_175231.jpg

Made from aluminium, with a domed top.

2. A plague doctor mask, coat and rod that will form a costume.

3. Recently I brought a 3D print and have been attempting a bit of 3D modeling using 123D by Autodesk, which is an easy to use beginner program. To try something simple I decided to recreate the quite boxy muzzle of the Fallout laser pistol. This turned out really well although it did take nearly 5 hours to print. For a test I aim to create something only on the printer to see how long it takes, but still intend to continue using traditional making methods. I think I will mainly use it to create small, circular or detail parts, that would other wise take a long time.


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