Phaser Rifle mold making and casting

The phaser rifle is nearly complete but ran into a little difficulty with producing the  orange section on the top of the scope. Here is my experience of creating molds and resin casts first by myself, then looking for help ……..

I wanted to make this part from resin but had never done a mold  from silicone and produced a resin cast, this was going to be a learning experience. First I made the master part from 3mm foamex, filled and sanded it.

My first two attempts at creating a molds:

  1. the first was a basic one part mold made from silicone putty – I mixed up some and then pushed the master into the putty and built up the sides. The top was left exposed to pore in the resin. The sides of the cast were fine but top wasn’t flat and didn’t fully set- possibly due to being exposed to dust.
  2. next I tried using liquid silicone to create another one part mold with only the thinnest back part of the master exposed.  I created a box from card and hot glue to hold it. Some wire was used to  hold the master in place from the top while the silicone set. When it had the resin was pored in…. next day when I came back and found the resin had bonded to the silicone :-/

What had gone wrong? Well reading the instructions would have been useful, but I learned from forums and videos that  it is best to post cure the mold and then apply a mold release to it.

Using the remnants of previous molds, a little extra silicone and the tip I had picked up, the third mold and cast turned out perfectly 🙂

Finished pictures of the Phaser are coming soon.

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